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Apartment Communities & HOAs

Renovation Done Right

Capital Improvements, Maintenance Services, One Stop Repair

Metro Group has become a one stop repair company for Homeowners Associations and Apartment Communities across the United States. With one call, we will meet all your needs. As a full-service contractor, Metro Group has experienced teams of maintenance technicians that can handle virtually any request. We have also developed expertise in tenant-in-place capital improvements that allow your residents to continue living onsite as comfortably as possible while the work is performed.

We strive to complete every work order in a timely and professional manner down to the last detail. Our teams arrive in clearly identifiable vehicles and are dressed in uniform. Metro Group adheres to OSHA regulations and performs security background checks on all personnel.

Experienced in Completing Tenant-in-Place Rehabilitation

Metro Group recognizes that open communication is the main key to success with the Residents, Management Staff and the Design Team. Below is a listing of examples and strategies Metro Group employs to ensure a smooth project and positive relationship with all involved.

  • Daily updates to residents regarding future work on their unit
  • Family and elderly residents living in the apartment
  • Working with the on-site property management staff
  • Scheduling work while resident present in apartments
  • Daily meetings with management and the maintenance staff
  • Communication with design team on all changes
  • Communication with residents by flyers
  • Complete understanding of tax credit communities and historic credits

Apartment Communities & Homeowners Associations

Apartment Community Repairs

  • Apartment communities can hire maintenance technicians for ½ day or full day
  • Completion of work orders
  • Completion of special projects

HOA (Homeowner Associations)

  • Completion of association repairs
  • Completion of condo owner’s repairs
  • Completion of special projects

One Stop Repairs:

  • Painting and sheet rock repair
  • All carpentry repairs to doors, siding, gutters and more
  • Landscaping and lawn care services for your property