The right place to start: due diligence and needs assessment.

Metro has become a ONE STOP REPAIR company. With One Call we will meet all your needs.

When you’re looking for a company to execute your maintenance repair needs, you need a contractor who understands the importance of a needs assessment. A team that possesses the experience to create accurate budgets and scopes of work and professionals to skillfully execute the work. Metro Group has partnered with property management companies, apartment owners, REITs, HOAs and businesses to successfully renovate their property.

Pre-Paint Carpentry Repairs

  • Carpentry repairs to the outside of homes, businesses and apartments.

Painting and Power Washing

  • Painting and power washing of the exterior of homes, businesses and apartments


  • Repairs or replacement of roof’s to homes, apartments and businesses


  • Replacement and repairs of siding to homes, businesses and apartments


  • Replacement of windows in homes, apartments and businesses


  • Clean, repair and replacement of gutters

Snow Removal

  • Plow, shovel and spread salt

Tree/Storm Cleanup & Removal

  • Call Metro Group to help you clean up after a storm


  • Lawn care and grass cutting

"Let us provide you with One Call, One Stop, Repair Service."

Rodney Wright